Superm’s Diary


Superm’s diary is a series of short videos created with the intention of recording daily notes.

Chapter 01: C’est moi

3min 3sec I 2015

Video, edit, voice: Aggeliki Bozou
sound: Thanos Kosmidis

Chapter 02: Premier Bisous

5min 59sec I 2015

Video, edit: Aggeliki Bozou
Sound: Thanos Kosmidis
Sculptures: Alexandros Kaklamanos
Make up: Marina Stat

Chapter 03: You and I (coming soon)


Video, edit: Aggeliki Bozou
Sound: Thanos Kosmidis

The unit  You and I is an allegoric reference to the “stranger” that exists around and within us. The video begins with a comment on Man Ray’s artwork, Hands by Picasso (1935). The lens of the camera records on top view two hands. The one is painting the other using black  ink. After this action, the two hands will never again have the same colour when they are facing the same side. This leads to a change of landscape and transfers us into a virtual battlefield, where decorative porcelain figures are destroyed by a hammer. Those porcelain figures represent  the time of prosperity, welfare, enjoyment and romance for many European cultures. When the last porcelain head falls, the audience erupts in applause. The symbols continue to rotate: a book with a face changing eyes, a deer  trying to convince us that is alive and finally  the sign of death comes to redeem.